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Our company was founded in 2011 by four German friends, inspired by the desire to create a unique, valuable and all-natural product in harmony with the environment and a commitment to social responsibility.

The constant increase in demand for healthy marine-based protein together with the well-recognized over fishing of wild seafood stocks worldwide make sustainable aquaculture the certain answer.

Our idea was to raise healthy, wholesome fish using the natural resources of land, water from the mountains and wind, furthermore the talents and great work ethic of the local Dominican population.

The species Pangasius hypophthalmus and the beautiful region of Arroyo de Savanna fit our vision perfectly and we started to built up our fish farm.

Thanks to the profound aquaculture expertise of our managing director Franz Fix, living since 25 years on the island, our operations director Patricio Molina and our food safety director Carlos Mena we have developed our own broodstock, making Value Aquaculture S.R.L. the only company in the Western Hemisphere to commercially raise Pangasius. Our year-round breeding and eight-month hatch to harvest grow-out cycle ensure continous supply for fresh distribution.

Value Aquaculture, the only company in the Western Hemisphere to commercially raise Pangasius hypophthalmus for fresh distribution.

We are proud to have created a highly sustainable alternative to the large-scale industrial fish farms found in Southeast Asia. Proximity to the markets in North America & Canada adds a great  advantage for offering a fresh high quality product.

Pure Caribbean


Located in the pristine interior of the Dominican Republic, the natural conditions of the Arroyo de Savanna are perfect for aquaculture.

The constant trade winds result in stable average temperatures and rainfall year-round. The red clay soil contains low organic material, ensuring clean, clear grow-out ponds. The numoerous ponds are spring fed water from natural source high in the neighboring mountains.

The clear water is naturally filtered from the ancient coral bedrock of the mountains, and is constantly tested for contaminants and purity.

Water flows through the grown-out ponds then downstream carrying nutrient-rich outflow to fertilize agriculture, including rice fields and a passionfruit grove.

The ever-present trade winds are harnessed by wind towers to power pumps and generate electricity.

This is a truly sustainable use of these important natural resources.

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